A Possible Extended Vacation


Dear Blog Readers,

My computer is doing strange things, like “freezing” or “shutting down” on its own or the “arrow” disappearing. Before my computer looks like the one above, I’m going to have it looked at by a friend and dear brother in the Lord. I don’t know how long I will be without a computer or if this one can be fixed or if I need to buy a new one.


Normally, computer trouble really stresses me out. But, so far, I am at peace and I am trusting the Lord to provide what I need in His time. Please pray that this peacefulness will continue. Having a computer is like having a car for most people. It is a necessity in order to go places. My computer is my “Voice” as it is a means to communicate with the world and the world to communicate with me.

So, I may be taking an extended vacation fro blogging, emailing, reading blogs and emails. Please pray that I will use this “vacation” wisely by catching up on my reading, enjoying friends, praying and being quiet before the Lord. To my church family and friends: If anyone needs to reach me, you may call me on the phone.

Also, it will give you, my dear blog readers, the opportunity to read the blog posts you might have missed. Just go to https://lydslookonlife.wordpress.com

Enjoy the Summer!

becket pics4



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