Wake Me Up When It’s OVER!


What do skunks and snakes, bees and bats, turtles and groundhogs all have in common? Along with bears, these are some of the animals that hibernate during the winter months. Sometimes, I wish I could join them and sleep through the winter months and wake up to springtime and flowers. Wouldn’t it be delightful to curl up in a soft warm blanket; on a comfy, luxurious, king-size bed; surrounded with fluffy yet firm pillows; and sleep away the dark and damp and gloomy and frigid months of winter? [To be honest, hibernating for the next four years would be “fantastic” as well.]

days numbered

This winter, many of my dear family, friends and I are entering the “Winter years” of our lives. We are all getting older. A telling sign of growing past middle age is when the “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercial is no longer funny. This is because it could happen to us. Aging also bring many serious medical conditions. For example, very special people in my family and in my church are facing difficult times – cancer, heart problems, respiratory problems, diabetes, depression, back surgery, failing knees and other joint distress from arthritis. Thankfully, not everyone will encounter these serious conditions as they grow older but, almost everyone who lives long enough will experience other signs of aging – deteriorating eyesight and hearing, body aches [arthritis], trouble with moving around, memory and recall and concentration problems, insomnia, digestive difficulties. The list goes on.

Behold God

As far as my own aging goes, the process is going at a faster pace for me due to my cerebral palsy. I say this because I thought I would be dealing with the signs of aging in my seventies and not in my fifties and sixties. In my early sixties I am in a wheelchair and need help with most of my daily needs. No longer being able to walk took a toll on me. I loved being able to walk all over Northampton. I loved being able to shower and get dressed and go to wherever I wanted go whenever I wanted to go. I loved cooking and grilling simple gourmet food. I enjoyed helping people in a tangible ways. It seemed like all the activities I enjoyed were being taken away from me one by one. I wasn’t sure if I could live this “ new way life.” It has taken a long time, but I am growing to accept my limitations with the help of many people.


Before my blog post sounds hopeless [like the last inaugural address], I want to assure you there is HOPE. My hope is in God. When I am angry at God, He has unconditional love for me. When I question His existence, He holds me tight. When I need medical help, He puts the right people in my path. God is always on my side. God will help me through my struggles. No matter what my limitations are, God has a job for me to do. God wants me to pray for those who are struggling with medical conditions and other serious problems. God wants me to show His kindness and patience and speak encouraging words to my helpers. My goal is to be a good example of Jesus’ compassion, mercy and love. God wants me to ask for and gratefully accept His forgiveness when I fail. God wants me to also forgive others and humbly ask others to forgive me.

God is worthy of my trust. We can trust each winter will end and give way to SPRING. God will also turn the “winter of our days” into something beautiful and everlasting.

For Lo, the winter is past,

the rain is over and gone;

the flowers appear on the earth;

the time of the singing birds

is come.”

Song of Solomon 2:11-12


7 thoughts on “Wake Me Up When It’s OVER!

  1. Its been a long time since I have read your post Im glad I did you are such a great person and more of a blessing than you will ever comprehend God bless you mama  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. Hi Lydia, I love your posts. Glad that you share them here. I don’t really mind winter.  I do mind falling , and now not being able to get up by myself.  It does put a different perspective on things.The Northampton Ambulance will come and pick you up for free. I had to have them come once.  I was shaken but OK. Our Triune Lord keeps a pretty close hand on me so I can continue as Area Coordinator for Operation Christmas Child, work 16  hrs  a week and  E pray with a good handful of Christian friends /  missionaries. I boast only in our Savior who recently call me to these things;  And only with His guidance, protection and leading am I  (this 70  Somethingwoman) able to continue.  Thank you Jesus. May our Triune Lord meet your every need, Love and prayer, Louise

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  3. Hi Lydia,I love your posts,you were always an inspiration, love the weather.busy @ my church,We are reading Just Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels.Family is doing well,Ryan loves school,he is training to work @Publics. He misses his grampa ,I also miss Joe, was in hospice for 3 days.I know God didn’t want him to suffer anymore.am going to a grievience group @ church.Miss you.


  4. Hi Lydia, I am glad that you’re feeling better. Thank you for encouraging me to accept my limitations as I age. I wouldn’t want to sleep the whole winter away, just on those cold snowy days would I want to curl up in that king-size bed with those soft pillows, a hot cup of tea and a good book. Look on the bright side. The days are getting longer and soon it will be SPRING. Love, Karen Lamoureux

  5. Wonderful encouragement Lydia! Funny how we think aging only happens to other people and they are always SO much older than we are. My thoughts have been leaning towards everything you have mentioned. Sometimes I think the Lord has allowed me to deal with knee pain so I could relate to my older ladies at work in a very real way! These changes are His way of helping us trust Him for the next chapters in our lives. You are an example of following His leading by sharing in your writing. Thank you for your wonderful example!

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