About Lyd


Greetings Blog readers! My name is Lydia. I am a woman who is over half a century old, I have dealt with cerebral palsy from birth and I did walk for a time, but now use a wheelchair. I love God and His Word, am a sports fanatic from New England, and I enjoy eating foods that are new to me and finding the perfect wine to compliment a meal. I know my favorite food is out there and I just haven’t found it yet. I also enjoy writing because I have a lot to say, but my slurred speech sometimes gets in the way. For that reason, and because I want to help people, I have always wanted to write a book. The book would be about my look on life and how I see God working things out for good; how He helps me to endure life’s painful struggles and teaches me how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. In writing this book, I had hoped in some way, to help others with similar struggles as my own. However, I have decided to save a tree or two and write a blog instead, with the same goal in mind. It is my hope that those who read my posts will be blessed, know that they are not alone in their struggles, and also have a few laughs. After all, I am left-handed and I tend to see the world in a unique way. We all have our own uniqueness. Come and see how I see God in sports, in food and wine (I believe baseball and wine were God’s ideas), from the profound to the simple things in life. Also, please share your thoughts with me.

Blessings, Peace and Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “About Lyd

  1. You’re on to something Lydia, … keep reflecting and writing. Perhaps you’re our next “Fenelon”?

    Inclina Aurem Cordis Tui
    John B

  2. This is awesome Lydia! You always had a good outlook on life and are a great inspiration to those of us who have known you for a long time. I look forward to reading these!!

  3. Hi Lyd!

    Thanks for emailing me and letting me know about your blog. You have always been such a greatfriend and inspiration to me! You have a great talent in writing and being able to encourage and teach others. Keep it up! I am sorry to hear that you now need to use a w/c. I may not be far behind you as my body is telling me it is getting older too! Lyd, you are such a blessing to me! I look forward to reading more in your blog! Love, Jeri

  4. Lyd. Good evening. My name is John Ballentine and I am working with another gentleman to get a worship ministry started for our wives. We would like to use an image you have on your site ( https://lydslookonlife.wordpress.com/tag/the-ministry-of-the-holy-spirit/ ). It is an image of a woman bowing in prayer, with a sunrise or sunset behind her. Its perfect for a part of our logo. If you own this picture, may we use it? If you do not own the image, can you tell me where you got so I can contact them? Thanks!

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