Puppy Love

I wanted to send this post out on Valentine’s Day, but my brian was frozen. The following are BEFORE and AFTER photos of loving and beloved Canine Companions:


Sweet Pup 6

Do you remember “Pupper”? My sister Jane brought her home just after Thanksgiving, 2013, after the RED SOX became World Champions for the 3rd time in ten years.


A Pupper and ME

There are 3 puppies in this photo. Two are mine and Jane’s Pupper all grown up. We were watching the Patriots’ quest for the Lombardi Trophy.


Christmas PuppiesChristmas Puppies4

Jane decided Pupper needed a sister, so she brought home “Woof”. This photo was taken after the Patriots won the Lombardi Trophy for the 4th time in the 21st Century. I had my Christmas tree up until February, 2015. [I think Woof had to tinkle.]


Cute Puppy

This is Woof and her “Auntie” sitting on Jane’s recliner. I had to put on an apron, in order for Woof to be seen in the photo. I was telling her a secret: “Don’t tell Mark about the next walnut practical joke. It’s just between you and me. Okay?”


cute Woof in the Snow

Pupper loves to play in the snow, but it’s too cold for Woof. Woof would sink into the snow and she would not like that at all. BURRR!


bed puppies

After playing in the snow, Pupper decided to take a nap. After Woof played hard indoors, she decided to take a nap too with Pupper. AAH! A dog’s life – there’s nothing like it.


Diesel6Diesel 1Diesel4damon


Diesel, my nephew Luke’s Gentle Giant of a dog was one of a kind. After my sister’s dog [the good] Damon, was hit by a car, causing brain damage, Diesel became his “therapy dog”. After Damon came home from the animal hospital [Tufts], he could only walk in one direction and in circles. When Damon was able to go on short walks, Diesel walked on his weak side, so that Damon would walk straight. When they were home, Diesel would chase Damon around the dining room table. He would chase him in one direction, and then turn on a dime and chase him in the other direction, so that Damon would learn to run both to the right and to the left again. No one told Diesel to do these things for Damon. [Damon lived to be eight years old; many years after being hit by a car.] Diesel was truely one of a kind. After thirteen years of being a faithful and loving friend, Luke and all of us had to say “Goodbye” to Diesel. It was a very heart-wrenching thing to do for Luke and his wife Trish, but it was the loving and best thing to do for their Gentle Giant and faithful friend.


a puppy love

Diesel left a “GIANT” hole in the hearts of Luke and Trish. We will always remember him and his memory will cause us to smile. No one can replace Diesel, but a puppy can help grieving hearts and fill the need to love. Luke and Trish went to get their new puppy on Saturday, February 14th [Valentine’s Day], in Rhode Island, the state where they were married. Though the puppy’s breed is the same as Diesel’s, it’s a female and her color is dark. She will become her own “one of a kind”. She doesn’t have a name yet, but I kinda like “True Blue”. We’ll just have to wait until she gives herself a name.

“The righteous care for the needs of their animals” [Proverbs 12:10a – NIV].

banana split love